The Safety Data Sheets – SDS (Safety Data Sheet) are the official tool for communicating risk management measures along the supply chain, with the aim of providing “users” of chemical substances with the information necessary to protect human health and the environment.

For “users” of chemicals we mean companies or individuals within the European Union or the European Economic Area who use chemicals, either individually or in a mixture, for their industrial or professional activities .

The SDSs are aimed at both workers handling chemicals and those responsible for safety, and include: information on the properties and hazards of substances or mixtures, instructions for handling, disposal and transport, as well as measures first aid, fire fighting and exposure control. The format of the SDS is defined in the REACH regulation.

Danger and Safety offers valid support to companies that need to comply with the legislation in a certain and concrete way, providing specialized and necessary advice to use and market chemicals, and to comply with the obligations established by the REACH and CLP Regulations.


Drafting and support for the drafting of Safety Data Sheets


Translation of the Safety Data Sheets into the required languages

Training and information on the updates of the reference legislation

Supply of management systems for archiving and searching for Safety Data Sheets

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