In Europe, the transport of dangerous goods by road is regulated by the international agreement ADR” (European Agreement for the International Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road), signed in Geneva on 30 September 1957 and ratified for the first time in Italy with the law n ° 1839 of 12 August 1962.

The Community Directive 94/55 / ​​EEC of 11/21/94 subsequently made the transposition and application of these rules mandatory also to national transport.

The ADR is updated every two years by the WP 15 working group, and all substances, chemicals, objects containing chemicals and waste that present hazardous characteristics for transport are subject to it.

The legislation provides that every person involved in the handling and transport of dangerous goods has specific obligations formulated based on the type of goods transported, the degree of danger and the means used:

The shipper is obliged to classify, label the packages and prepare the transport documents as required by the various chapters of the ADR.

The carrier must ensure that the goods entrusted to him are authorized for transport, that the documentation that must accompany the goods is correct and present, that the labeling of the packages or vehicle is correct according to the substance or substances transported, and that the vehicle is not overloaded. The transporter of dangerous goods is also obliged to appoint a consultant.

The recipient has specific obligations especially regarding the unloading and decontamination of tank vehicles or containers.

In the event that the subjects listed above use the services of third parties, such as packers and / or shippers, they must take the necessary precautions to ensure that the rules are respected.

All companies are obliged to submit the personnel assigned to follow specific training and refresher courses according to the tasks performed, and to appoint an ADR CONSULTANT, in charge of promoting every action to facilitate the performance of these activities in compliance with the provisions. and maximizing the prevention of risks to people, property and the environment.

Danger & Safety offers valid support to companies that need to comply with the legislation in a certain and concrete way by providing specialized advice.


Assumption of the role of external ADR Consultant

Regulatory update through circulars

Telephone and on-site assistance

Verification and possible revision of the transport classification of the treated products

Operational control procedures in loading / unloading activities

Possible compilation of intermodal transport documents

Courses to personnel involved in the various aspects of the transport of dangerous goods in the field of ADR at each revision of the standard (biennial)

Annual report

Any bureaucratic practices at the relevant local authority

Training Courses

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