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The world of chemicals is constantly expanding and involves more and more foreign countries.

In recent years many countries have developed regulations similar to the Reach Regulation and Danger and Safety, always ready to give current answers, has entered into agreements with foreign consultancy companies to meet every need.


In South Korea, K-REACH has been adopted which requires companies to register existing chemical substances which they import or produce for at least one tonne / year and to register non-existent chemical substances which they import or produce for at least 100 kg / year.

The main provisions relating to existing chemicals (> 1 t / a) are:

PRE-REGISTRATION: before import / production → 01/01/2019 – 30/06/2019

12/31/2021 → t / a ≥ 1,000 or CMR ≥ 1 t / a
12/31/2024 → 100 ≤ t / a <1,000
12/31/2027 → 10 ≤ t / a <100
12/31/2030 → 1 ≤ t / a <10

REGISTRATION: evaluation of dangers (toxic substances) and risks (dangerous substances ≥ 100 t / a)
“Priority control substances”
Authorized substances
Restricted substances
Prohibited substances

For new chemicals, however, there is:
If ≥ 100 kg / a → REGISTRATION
If <100 kg / a → NOTIFICATION

Similarly to the provisions of European legislation, the EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATIVE (OR) can carry out the obligations set out by K-REACH in the name and on behalf of the manufacturer.

The Korean Ministry of Environment also defined:

  • The list of CMR substances
  • The list of substances exempted from registration (existing in nature or components of DNA or RNA)
  • The list of “Priority control substances” according to which products containing more than 1 t / y of one of these substances (in quantities exceeding 0.1% by weight) are subject to notification before import / production.

Danger and Safety offers advice and assistance, supports companies and proposes itself as an Exclusive Representative for registrations under the K-REACH.